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New Album

The new album Deal is out now.



Tune into HBR Hunters Bay Radio on Weds 13th for some live songs and interview.

I played my first live show for three years at the third coffee house in Burks Falls Ontario  last month, more gigs to come


New Christmas Single

Our new single called ” Christmas Bells” is out now

It is also available on iTunes and spotify.

It was written earlier this month in the kitchen one night. I did a demo on the 4 track. I then recorded with Andrew Howden at his studio in the hills above the old coal mining town of Newtongrange.

It is about Christmas in Edinburgh


Merry Christmas

Ian/ TCB


“If The Jesus and Mary Chain were the tough guy cousins of The Beach Boys”      WYMA

See below link

New Single


Our new single is out on May 4th on vetrecords.

Its called A festival in 1995

For the people in the cheaper seats click your spotiy, and those in the more expensive ones, rattle your iTunes.





Bop bop beep beep yea!

Dear occasional reader.

This last year has been interesting musically. With the sad departure of Steve to London, we had to find a new drummer.

Step forward Richie McHugh, an old school mate of mine. Bonza !

And then there were three of us in the room once again.

Three and in , the three in one , the three musketeers, three stooges and so on.

Rehearsals have been taking place( reasonably ) frequently over the course of the year.

We played at the fringe, which was fun, and got a spin on radio.

All in all, not a bad year.

ps I’ve finished writing a new album.

For now I cant say much more, but that’ll do for now.

Happy New YEAR






A Festival in 1995 rough live demo

New song, festival in 1995


Off to London, recording Monday


second rehearsal of new songs Mon.

new record


the new digital LP is due to hit the stores next week. There’s not too much to add in way of background to this album. It was recorded in one take on a dark and stormy night with guitar and vocal done live, it was then edited down to an LP size, (by leaving off a few tracks that will hopefully appear in the fullness of time) and I sat on it for a while, wondering whether to do a full band recording of these tracks or release it as it is. Its called Sometimes it Rains. And I just thought, what the heck.

The band will be doing things in the next few months again, will keep you posted.

For now, stay low, go fast.


Sofis short acoustic set

Hi, playing new songs on Wed 18th Feb in Sofi’s on the shore.

2 other acts will be playing, and in the small room so there will only be room for a few people to come. Let me know if you can make it.

more info to follow soon



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