Hi folks,

Happy New year from The Colourful Band

Firstly, the new material on the summer recording ‘Postcards from Paris’

which has virtually nothing to do with Paris (recorded in Gav’s home studio in Edinburgh)

is available on soundcloud


with the single available on itunes.
Secondly, we had OUR FIRST PRACTICE OF THE NEW YEAR !!! on Monday as a 4 piece.

Namely myself, Jon, Dave, and Steve.

Which means I would like to say welcome to Jon and Steve, as they are new to TCB.

We had a lot of fun on Mon so hope we can keep things progressing in 2011.

Im sure there will be appearances from other friends/musicians aswell, and thanks, its nice to have a band to be in.

and on that note big happy 2011

Keep in touch, checkout the 8 new songs on soundcloud

and lots of love, here we go.


ps I will be working/ living in Glasgow this year so if you want support for your band or solo act
let us know by contacting on vetrecords@hotmail.com

peace for now