Hi, given my rant last week about the poor quality of writing on the net, I appreciate that you may hit snooze halfway through this.

However, I was out in Edinburgh at a local gig and thought I would report back on the good health of the underground music here and the community.

Henry’s Cellar was good and busy for Chris Devotion and the Expectations (CD &EX), a Glasgow 4 piece post punk / rock and roll band. They took the roof off the joint, and were well supported by My Tiny Robots, and Morris Major. A good start for the Ides of Toad gig calender. The CD & EX album was exchanged for seven pounds of my hard earned money and will be played on the stereo this week. It was produced by Andy Miller, with whom we worked on the first EP (The Colourful EP) at Chem 19. He has since set up his own recording studio at Gargleblast. And you can hear the signature drum sound and sharpness on their single A Modest Refusal.

After the gig we headed over to catch up with the crowd who had been at the Rob St John gig .They had by the sounds of things played an excellent set to a good sized crowd at The Banshee Labyrinth formerly known as Nicol Edward. It was good to see old familiar faces from the local music community out and about and finding new (although in very established) venues to play in.

Today I needed  a hike in the Pentland hills overlooking Edinburgh, the Forth and Fife to clear the head and work off the bevs

Cheers Edinburgh