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The Colourful Band: The Colourful Band

If youre in the US and you want a CD rather than mp3 version of the album with liner notes and artwork then click the link. The artwork was painted by Kym Haverson, an up and coming London artist who has been a finalist in several UK competitions. Kym and I met whilst waiting on a plane a few years ago in Queensland Australia, and her work is fantastic, so I am delighted she agreed to provide the cover.

Album now on itunes

It is a week after release, so some you will be ready for it from the sounds of the emails 🙂

If you are in America, Mexico, South America or Africa,or continental Europe its on your itunes store aswell

Just copy and paste the link or click the itunes link at the bottom of the main page.

Hope you are well



Recorded the last couple of songs today

Nearly ready

Will be available from Avalanche Records Edinburgh and iTunes

The Colourful Band - The Colourful EP

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