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New stuff

Im writing new stuff.

WYMA review Deal

The Colourful Band – Deal

We have received a few messages asking us if we are on vacation. The answer, regrettably, is “no”. Our failure to post is more due to the fact that end-of-season sales are here for winter sports, and taking advantage of such sales requires cash. So we actually (shudder) have been working to be able to pay the credit card bills when they arrive. And speaking of work and winter …

Fortunately for Ian McKelvie and his bride, the man has a job. Unfortunately, for the rest of us it means that we have to endure long waits for new music. Recording and performing as the Colourful Band, Ian has impressed us greatly since we first encountered his music. We just don’t get enough of it. However, he does create when he has the time — and the tuneful Scot was ensconced in the frozen Canadian north woods this winter — so we finally have a new album.

Ian is a man that can craft an engaging singalong our of nothing at all. Do you doubt us? Check out the closing track on his new album, Deal: “Song About Nothing”. See, we told you! His channel is folk/folk rock, but his channel is appealingly wide. Treat your ears to the ’60s retro garage rocker “Stolen Police Car”, the country-shaded “Country Blue Eyes”, the gentle folk of “Adrenaline”, the bouncy alternative pop of “Come On Everybody”, the jangle pop of “Christmas Bells”, or song with a hidden meaning, “Festival in 1995” (spoiler alert: Its about a festival in 1995). This is a fine set of songs that will help make you happier, wealthier, and wiser (or at least two of the three, and that is more than enough for us).

On Deal, The Colourful Band is Ian (vocals/guitar), Sam Stevenson (bass/backing vocals), Richie McHugh (drums on all but one track), and Andrew Howden (drums on Christmas Bells). Deal is out now as a digital download — see the Bandcamp link.

Ian on Facebook
Posted by Rocksteady74 (Scott) at 3/28/2019

New Album

The new album Deal is out now.



Tune into HBR Hunters Bay Radio on Weds 13th for some live songs and interview.

I played my first live show for three years at the third coffee house in Burks Falls Ontario  last month, more gigs to come

New Christmas Single

Our new single called ” Christmas Bells” is out now

It is also available on iTunes and spotify.

It was written earlier this month in the kitchen one night. I did a demo on the 4 track. I then recorded with Andrew Howden at his studio in the hills above the old coal mining town of Newtongrange.

It is about Christmas in Edinburgh


Merry Christmas

Ian/ TCB


“If The Jesus and Mary Chain were the tough guy cousins of The Beach Boys”      WYMA

See below link

New Single


Our new single is out on May 4th on vetrecords.

Its called A festival in 1995

For the people in the cheaper seats click your spotiy, and those in the more expensive ones, rattle your iTunes.





Bop bop beep beep yea!

Dear occasional reader.

This last year has been interesting musically. With the sad departure of Steve to London, we had to find a new drummer.

Step forward Richie McHugh, an old school mate of mine. Bonza !

And then there were three of us in the room once again.

Three and in , the three in one , the three musketeers, three stooges and so on.

Rehearsals have been taking place( reasonably ) frequently over the course of the year.

We played at the fringe, which was fun, and got a spin on radio.

All in all, not a bad year.

ps I’ve finished writing a new album.

For now I cant say much more, but that’ll do for now.

Happy New YEAR






Next gig Henrys Cellar Bar

A night of tunes from …

Steven Tonge

Iona Marshall

The Colourful Band

thanks for all your help


A night of singer songwriter music with Steven Tonge (shoegaze college rock poet from Morningside), Iona Marshall ( indie folk songstress) and The Colourful Band, playing new material as well as the occasional old number .

Friday the 10th October.

Prices £5 , £3 with student card.

Henrys Cellar Bar
16a Morrison Street

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Herriot Watt University

Playing a set at Heriott Watt freshers week. This Thurs afternoon

next gig in October..


Hi, its been a while since I have written any blogs here. I’ve been writing new material and doing the odd acoustic show locally. The best thing Ive played at recently was my brother and sister in-law’s 25th Wedding Anniversary in Glasgow. My brother (Tony) actually built a two foot high by 12 foot wide stage across his front room and he, my nephew and myself blasted out some Mumford and Sons and Proclaimers to get the place rocking . There was also a warm up act doing some Soul numbers, it really was one of those parties. Anyway, backstage ( in the kitchen) I said to Murray (my nephew) that I didn’t know which TCB song to play if I got the urge. He said ‘play Easter Road or Always the Summer’ , and I thought right, Id for gotten about that one. Anyhow needless to say we opted for a blast of Dexy’s Midnight Runners ‘Come on Eileen’ which was the most fun I’ve had playing in ages.

But here’s what happened next. I was listening to Radio Scotland in the car and they were having a ‘songs or bands containing colours theme’, so I thought Id text in and ask if they would play Easter road. Didn’t hear it on the show and  the next day on my lunch I was just checking whether it had been on the show, and guess what, it hadn’t. But as it turns out, Easter Road, was played 6 months after it was released , on Radio 2, by none other than Steve Lamacq.

This week my nephew who had his leg broken 1 year ago in a school football game, made his debut for Scottish Schools under 18 at Broadwood.

Cheers Murray , sorry I couldn’t be there on Monday, but you did us proud.




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