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Just back from a week surfing on the coast in Morocco. I met some wonderful people and caught some good waves, soaked up a little Moroccan culture this time aswell and was treated to some traditional food and music up on top of the riad where we were staying. Work starting today on some new ideas I came up with in the evenings messing around with a old guitar, keep you posted. Until then, keep it Christmas. x

Awesome night at the captains, thanks to everyone for listening and getting involved,and big thanks to those who came and introduced themselves, joined in or kindly bought an album or both hope you enjoyed it. We had a great time.

New album reviews

Posted on the press page


Playing a few songs acoustic this Friday at Henry’s cellar bar

Morrison st Edinburgh. Sometime between 7-10 pm £4 on the door

the other acts are Tim Hunter and Hamish James Hawk

New Album and shows

Hi the debut album ‘the colourful band’ is due for release this month (19th)

It is available from Avalanche Records (Edinburgh Grassmarket)

and from the gigs :

Glasgow 11th Nov. 13th note cafe King st Glasgow 8pm

Support from Steve Tonge ( ( and David MacDonald (

Aberdeen 17th Nov. Cellar 35 ( 35 Rosemount viaduct Aberdeen)

Support from Lucy Zambers (, Steve Tonge plus more to follow

Edinbugh date TBC.

After release it will be available from itunes, amazon, spotify, Avalanche Records Edinburgh, Elvis Shakespeare (Leith walk Edinburgh) at gigs, and from mail order at



Album #1

Hi , been a long time , a long lonely time.

But I have been back at the page writing like a b*******

Album 1 in progress.


Hi, given my rant last week about the poor quality of writing on the net, I appreciate that you may hit snooze halfway through this.

However, I was out in Edinburgh at a local gig and thought I would report back on the good health of the underground music here and the community.

Henry’s Cellar was good and busy for Chris Devotion and the Expectations (CD &EX), a Glasgow 4 piece post punk / rock and roll band. They took the roof off the joint, and were well supported by My Tiny Robots, and Morris Major. A good start for the Ides of Toad gig calender. The CD & EX album was exchanged for seven pounds of my hard earned money and will be played on the stereo this week. It was produced by Andy Miller, with whom we worked on the first EP (The Colourful EP) at Chem 19. He has since set up his own recording studio at Gargleblast. And you can hear the signature drum sound and sharpness on their single A Modest Refusal.

After the gig we headed over to catch up with the crowd who had been at the Rob St John gig .They had by the sounds of things played an excellent set to a good sized crowd at The Banshee Labyrinth formerly known as Nicol Edward. It was good to see old familiar faces from the local music community out and about and finding new (although in very established) venues to play in.

Today I needed  a hike in the Pentland hills overlooking Edinburgh, the Forth and Fife to clear the head and work off the bevs

Cheers Edinburgh


Dear friends,

I have eventually got some writing time so here is an update on the music front.

After last year’s offensive on the live front as a full band, we are once again changing shape and form, as Dave C is moving down south, after being the drummer at many shows including Kelburn Garden Part, King Tuts and The Cluny, Dave we will miss you man.

Steve has been bought a sax for Christmas and was last seen panhandling on the Marseille docks moonlighting as a Louisiana drifter.

Its a funny thing, it really takes time and work from all members of a band to get a live act on the go and I’m really happy with 2011. Big thanks to all the lads in the band and also to the people who came to our shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. We played at some great venues to over 100 people at a time in some cases which was a new experience for us all.

I would also like to thank the other bands that we performed with, many of whom have been consistently putting that level of effort in for longer than we could, in all fairness conceivably manage to do.

Particularly Blackcatwhitecat from Sheffield who are the best band Ive played on the same bill as. With rock and roll act of this kind of quality it takes a group with the lifestyle of a band to carry on. Hence most bands do it for a while, dont make a living at it, and have to spend time on other things.

But, and here is the truth, I would rather not stop making music, but have to accept that for now, a band is not a realistic way to go about doing it.

So, with that in mind this year I have moved to a little place in the countryside just outside Edinburgh, where I have started writing for a new project with other members of the band pitching in as and when  time permits, but with Jon starting to get creative aswell , it frees me up to play more guitar and write less about my own experience. Which , lets face it, you can only do so much of without becoming overwhelmingly self aware 🙂

Yesterday in Avalanche Records , Kev, the owner reminded me that the self aware miserable thing is what sells in his shop, so I will pitch in a bit of that just for good old measure. And since I have written a bit of that , as well a some light hearted satire, I think Im due some time playing music as well as the rigour of writing.

Living in the country side…..yawn, almost time for River Cottage. So anyway I had a really good weekend jamming with Jon, watching the shop for Kev whilst he got a toastie, keeping me late for getting a haircut and having a lovey lunch today, I salute you all and hope to keep the tunes coming this year , in whatever way possible.Keep writing and doing creative things or reading and listening to mine. In the end whatever makes you feel better. Because you deserve to.

Lots of Love




Hi there, all quiet on the live front this month

But, Ive been busy making up new copies of the Postcards EP.

So you can get your own hand-made copy from Avalanche Records , Edinburgh.

The new store is located on The Grassmarket, and is well worth a visit.

Just ask behind the counter if you cant find it amongst the other Scottish music/bands

Cheers for now.


Hi we have been asked to support blackcatwhitecat at The Cluny in Newcastle on 30th Sept.

more info on mini tour to follow, the facebook page for the geordie gig is here!/event.php?eid=120849198008553

King tuts this fri , see below for info

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