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pleased to have some shows coming up.

Glasgow ; King tuts  19th August The Colourful Band support The Mars Patrol

Tickets are £5 and just email me on and I will sort / reserve some for yer

Edinburgh; Lach’s antihoot Sat 6th August, short 2 song set midnight downstairs in Teviot

bye for now, off to practice.

Yup, were going on as a 4 piece this weekend.

Downstairs stage at the almighty Barrowland

New as well as earlier material.

Should be quality.

Hope to see you there, starts at 7.

Drop me a line at if you want a tick


new gigs coming up

We will be appearing over the summer in various guises.

Dates TBC

TCB x ( been waititng to do that for a while)

This is 2 minutes 56 of utter guitar joy.

The video is terrible so Im not posting a link.

but the song is tremendous.

Yup,  the new Kowalskiy blog’s compilation EP #7 of Scottish music is available for free

over at his blog

This features 5 songs by up and coming Scottish acts.. and The Colourful Band, ho ho !

Im really enjoying all of the songs on here, its pretty much an indie / folk mix, which I suppose is why we’re on it .

Enjoy yourselves while you still can.



2011 , onwards

Time for me to get in shape, found some inspiration here

playing 5 a side once a week doesnt agree with my knees anymore, so its about a low impact stuff from now on, or as the Incredible Alex Salmond Gastric Band say; “Pull up your socks and hold in your stomachs hands off your co**s and lay off the Tunnocks.” Which I think is inspiring.

New band members, new tunes

Hi folks,

Happy New year from The Colourful Band

Firstly, the new material on the summer recording ‘Postcards from Paris’

which has virtually nothing to do with Paris (recorded in Gav’s home studio in Edinburgh)

is available on soundcloud

with the single available on itunes.
Secondly, we had OUR FIRST PRACTICE OF THE NEW YEAR !!! on Monday as a 4 piece.

Namely myself, Jon, Dave, and Steve.

Which means I would like to say welcome to Jon and Steve, as they are new to TCB.

We had a lot of fun on Mon so hope we can keep things progressing in 2011.

Im sure there will be appearances from other friends/musicians aswell, and thanks, its nice to have a band to be in.

and on that note big happy 2011

Keep in touch, checkout the 8 new songs on soundcloud

and lots of love, here we go.


ps I will be working/ living in Glasgow this year so if you want support for your band or solo act
let us know by contacting on

peace for now

Happy New Year.

My sis bought me this book for Christmas. Finished it by the New Year. Provided moments of respite from work and play between 25th-30th Dec.

Its a bit of a whirlwind cant – put down- book.

Maybe you have read it?

It starts in Edinburgh, and ends in Edinburgh.

Which is nice.

Ian x

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